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Losing weight is an important concern for us all no matter at whatever age we are at. It is important that each one of us takes good care of our health by eating healthy and forgetting all the bad habits no matter how tempting some foods become at times. Having a determined mind can motivate you to have a great start.

It is important that you remember that the biggest motivation in your life is your self than anyone else. People can motivate you and leave but you can motivate yourself each moment of the day by looking at your self in the mirror and having a determined mindset to lose weight. This strategy can be one of the best way to lose weight in a short period of time.

It might sound easy but definitely it is one of the most difficult tasks to lose weight but life can bring easy solutions if you are positive towards your goal. It is difficult to give it a start but once it is started bad eating habits take minimum a month to be changed to good eating habits and to continue completely depends upon the person that how strong his/ her will power is.

Never crash diet to lose weight:

Once we start dieting, we always think that we are losing weight all of a sudden but it is important to remember that one we were dieting and starting to lose weight, it is only the water weight and the glycogen that we are losing and nothing else.

Therefore it is important that we don’t give up at that time because once we start eating again this is the worst time and we can lead to bad weight gain than losing anything. Therefore, it is vital to start dieting when your mind is set and you are determined to start dieting.

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Best weight loss plan:

Weight loss is just a game that u need to play cleverly to trick your body. Though this game needs a lot of will power but at the same time it is important that we give the best plan to our body. The best diet for our body is to substitute our food with the food we love than to eliminate it.

Eliminating food from our diet can make it very difficult for us to accept it and this is not the case with some of us but all of us. Accepting the fact that you are on a diet is difficult but not impossible.

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Fluids to lose weight:

Cutting down soda can make it very easy for you to lose weight. Sodas are very dangerous not only for your weight but for your bones as well. if sodas are cut down, an immediate average of 360 calories are cut down from our body. This is an amazing fact. Apart from sodas, even fruit juices can be dangerous or any other unnatural drinks can cause the same harm to our body.

Gradual changes:

Gradual changes are something than can stay longer with you than immediate changes. It is always recommended to make gradual changes and to feel the change slowly in your body. The slow changes are easy to adopt as well rather than quick changes in diets and our body.

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Don’t overeat:

A very important factor is not to overeat at anytime. The time we overeat, we indicate our body to get lethargic and inactive for the rest of the day. It is always recommended to eat slowly as by the time signals reaches to our brain our appetite might reduce and give us a chance to eat less. Overeating can make us feel uncomfortable as well as increase our appetite.

Banishing foods:

Never make yourself feel that you cannot have some foods because you are on diet because immediately you will crave for the same and this will spoil your diet. It is always vital to make yourself feel that foods are not get banished but you can eat fat food in some moderation, as fats are also important for our body.

Unnatural products:

There are many unnatural products that can make wonders to your body within no time but these changes can definitely cause long-term harm to your body and this harm can cause you to take medication all your life. Therefore before using any product it is vital that one should go through the short and long term pros and cons in order to understand the product in a better way.

Apart from using unnatural products it is also important to visit a doctor if not sure about any product. Doctors are the best advisors as they deal with many patients in a day and have got much more experience than any one else. This can be of great help in your dieting process. Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss


Going through a brief discussion on how to lose weight, it is essential to keep in mind some important points so that you can reduce weight positively and for a long period of time.

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It is very essential to look into the dieting program before starting it. Getting started to the dieting journey one needs to be determined and positive as well to know that this way it motivate them to continue and not to break the diet in between.

Getting tempted to food is very natural but this counts the will power of a person that how strong he/she is to continue dieting.  Therefore, nothing is impossible and achieving goals can be very easy if we look into this whole journey with positive approach and if we think that everything is definitely possible.

8 Simple Steps to Keep in Mind to Burn Unwanted Fat Fast and Forever

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The idea behind losing weight is simple – you must create a calorie deficit. This means you must burn more calories than you put in your body. You already know how to achieve that. Yes, that’s right. Diet and exercise. Keeping the calorie deficit idea in mind, you will plan your day, with the right amount of food and physical activity.

Losing weight can seem impossible without the right kind of guidance. But, if the basics are made known to the brain, then the task can become easy. So let’s look at some points you need to remember for effective weight loss.

So let’s look at some points you need to remember for effective weight loss.

1. Befriend Protein

High-protein foods will curb your appetite and make you feel full, so you can cut back on snacking on potato chips and cookies. Protein is also said to boost metabolism so that you burn about 100 more calories each day.

This way, you will lose more fat, and also be able to maintain it in the long run. Eggs, nuts, lentils, seafood and dairy products are some good options for protein foods.

2. Write Down What You Eat

Whatever goes into your belly, should also go on paper. This will help you keep track of your daily calorie intake, which will give you an idea of how much you need to burn.

Also, writing down what you eat can stop you from eating too much, and looking at the list at the end of the day will make you feel good and confident about yourself. It will keep you motivated towards your goal.

3. Do Not Shop for Junk

Out of sight..out of mind. When there will be no cinnamon roles and chocolates in the fridge to snack on, you will ultimately switch to healthier options. The key is to make unhealthy, sugary stuff unavailable, and make healthy, low-calorie stuff available.

All types of candy, biscuits, cakes, marshmallows, etc. are very high in their calorie count, and do not fill the tummy. They also add to your stubborn belly fat and hip fat. So it’s best to stay away from shelves containing such food items when you pay a visit to the grocery store.

4. Use the Fat-burning Pill

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Phenq is a supplement with a slimming formula that can help you lose a significant amount of weight. It can increase your energy levels so you can stay active and exercise more. At the same time, it suppresses appetite and burns stored fat, by affecting your nervous system.

Phenq Gnc is perhaps the best weight loss supplement there is, because it has no side effects. Unlike most weight loss pills, it does not disrupt sleeping patterns or cause any addictions.

One tablet of Phenq must be taken with breakfast, and one with lunch.

Read Motivational Stories

Reading success stories of people who have managed to drop down a few sizes can make you feel motivated when you feel like you have had enough. The internet is filled with blogs where people have written their entire weight loss journey, how they used to feel, and how they feel after having reached their goal. Reading this will make you want to reach your target too.

5. Be Kind To Yourself

Losing fat can be frustrating. You may reach a point where you give up, binge on an entire bar of chocolate and some very cheesy pizza. Once you are satisfied, you will feel guilty and will curse yourself for straying away. This is where you give yourself a pep talk.

You tell yourself that it’s okay to make mistakes. One day of eating will not waste your efforts, and that you will get up tomorrow, and do an extra half hour of cardio to make up for the previous day. You will have to learn to forgive yourself so you can move on.

 6. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Amidst our busy schedules, sleep hardly remains a priority. You barely get 4 to 5 hours of sleep, because you have a long day ahead. Whether or not you have noticed it, this affects your mood and the way you eat.

Your appetite skyrockets, so you start eating the first tempting food item you see yourself in front of. So get a nice, 7 to 8-hour sleep every day. Also, remember, taking naps during the day to cover up for sleep is not the same as a continuous, solid night’s sleep.

7. Keep Changing Your Routine

Your diet and exercise routine should not remain the same for more than two weeks. This is because once the body gets used to something, the effects begin to slow down.

So if you take mint and lemon tea for two weeks, switch to ginger and lemon tea for the next two weeks. Similarly, if you choose walking as your cardio exercise for two weeks, switch to cycling or running for the next two weeks. Confuse your body for faster results.

8. Stay Active

Apart from your exercise sessions, it is important to stay busy and active throughout the day. Small changes can lead to big results. If you watch TV for one hour per day, spend 20 of those minutes standing/still jogging/exercising in place, in front of the TV. Park your car as far as you can from your destination, so you walk more.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Clean your home yourself, iron your own will be surprised as to the amount of calories these activities will burn.


Whether you are losing weight because you are overweight or just to look thinner and leaner, these basics are to be paid attention to. It is the little things that we miss which can affect the overall result.

Moreover, do not forget to be patient. Things like shedding some pounds do not happen overnight. Do no stress yourself by thinking that you don’t look slimmer today. It takes time for the body to reflect all your hard work. Stay strong and motivated. If others can do it, so can you!