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Sexual satisfaction is one of the major issues women have with their partners most of the time. It is very important that the men and the women should always take care of their partner’s satisfaction and happiness while being on bed together.

It is so much the case when men think only about themselves and not their partner while on bed with them. It is true that men too have body image issues like most of the ladies have. This is the case with the men too but they don’t make anyone realize the same. Small penis can definitely be embarrassing for men but when they think that there is no solution for this can be worst than ever.

Small penis definitely has a solution and it is important to face the problem rather than running away from it. If no solution you look for things will remain complicated and this will result in depression and other rising problems in general.

Depression could get you to life time medication and this can further enhance many other complications to enhancements. Early the better can be the solution to all the problems in life. Staying positive in life can get you many new opportunities not only concerned with the problems but also related to other concerns in life.

Diet intake:

The reason to have a small penis is because of lack of blood circulation. It is vital to take a good and healthy diet not only to keep yourself healthy but at the same time to maintain your blood circulation. Medication can always not be a solution for problems. Natural procedures might take a longer period of time but can definitely solve the problem.

There are many food and fruits as well that can make the blood circulation faster and increase the size of the penis at the same time. Banana is one of the fruits that can help out in making the blood circulation faster and at the same time can remove the clots of blood too. The process of blood circulation is vital for any human being even if he/she is physically fit. Once the blood reaches the blood vessels of the penis it gets pumped up and enhances its size. It is very important to have good nutrient food all the time.

Garlic and onions might not be a good friend for our mouth but is definitely very beneficial for our health and therefore, it is recommended to have maximum garlic and onions cooked in food so that if you cannot eat it raw, it can also be taken cooked. This can make many complications of blood flow easier and faster at the same time.

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Being stressed out is again an important factor that disturbs the enhancement in male. Being stressed and not getting good sleep can make you tired and kill your willingness to be with your partner for a longer period of time. At the same time stress makes the blood circulation even slower and intends to make you lethargic.

Apart from emotions, it is vital to quit on bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and not getting enough sleep. All these factors can have bad affect on the blood circulation. Some individuals don’t believe but it is definitely true that cigarette slowly blocks the blood arteries and this can lead to a slow blood circulation. It is vital to give up on bad habits rather than having problems later on.

Men usually don’t show their emotions to their partners or to others because this is how most of the men are. Expressing your feelings can be one of the way to make life easier.


This can be one of the greatest benefit that you can provide to your body is to workout on daily basis. Exercising is not only important to lose weight or to cut down calories but it can make many wonders to your body at the same time.

Exercising is very complementing for the blood circulation in our body. Once we work out we are making our body feel relaxed and at the same time the blood in there is doing its job correctly and actively. This in turn makes you feel very active all day long. Jes Extender

It is always advices by doctors and professionals that any healthy individual should workout for a minimum of 30 minutes a day so that the blood gets a good time to circulate the best way it can and keep the body active.

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Morning walks are the most beneficial at all times when we see that most of the ill individuals are advised to work out in the morning because the fresh environment gives your body a lot of positivity to feel better.


Having a small penis is definitely not a very big problem but it is completely based on the thinking of the male himself that if he wants to solve this issue or stay with all over his life.

If it very important that one should definitely follow the natural phenomenon that is 100% beneficial for a long term rather than following the unnatural processes that lasts only for a short period of time.

Size genetics is 100% natural and can enhance your penis in a very short period of time without any side effects.

There are many solutions if we look at it step by step and try to follow them sincerely. Eating nutritious food can be one of the most important factor that can definitely improve your blood circulation and at the same time it is important that you should workout and make your self relax. Say good bye to all your tensions and get good sleep. Quitting bad habits can compliment the routine and definitely make you achieve your goal.

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