How to Speed Up Your Metabolism By Weight Training

weight training

If you desire to use the calories you consume efficiently, you need to rev up your metabolism! Metabolism will not only help you build more muscle but also burn fat while consuming the same amount of calories!

  1. Metabolism: So what exactly is metabolism? It is the complex process that breaks down the food you eat into energy, also referred to as calories, to fuel your body. Metabolism can be easily classified into 2 kinds – catabolism and anabolism.
  2. Catabolism: The breakdown of the molecules to obtain energy
  3. Anabolism: The synthesis of all the compounds required by the cells.

Long story short, your body needs calories to perform daily functions like breathing, growing hair etc. If you wish to measure your metabolism,  you can calculate your basal metabolic rate, to find out how many calories you burn resting. You can do a lot of things to increase your metabolic rates like drinking green tea or coffee.

However, the most effective method and the best result yielding technique is weight training. Furthermore, if you wish to maintain your body weight for a long time, you need to incorporate weight training into your routine.

Choose a Plan

 Choose a workout routine that best fits you and your current athletic abilities. It is important to know that you must always push yourself hard to keep the muscles growing and whatever feels easy isn’t going to help you. The science backs me up on this because when your muscles work really hard they get damaged and experience these micro-fractures that your body has to repair.

Hence your body burns greater calories even while you rest and your metabolism skyrockets. You’re not only burning fat, building muscle, boosting your metabolism, but you are getting stronger and gaining strength. I would suggest that you choose a strength training plan that would exhaust you in fewer but heavy repetitions of various exercises.

Be Consistent

 Don’t be one of those people who get too sore to go to the gym weeks after working out once. If you are deciding to build muscle or gain fat, you need to be consistent. I believe if you want to succeed in any walk of life the key is to be consistent. You can always stretch properly and drink an instant digesting protein shake with added enzymes to help you prevent from the delayed onset muscle soreness.

If you still feel you’re unable to recover quickly, use CrazyBulk supplements. They will help you recover quickly, keep you motivated and provide you with much-needed energy for your workouts. Just try to be regular and go hit the gym regularly. You can, in most cases, take out 1 hour per day to workout 4-5 days a week.



 Diet is very important when you’re trying to influence your body to change the way it operates, obviously. Think of your body as a car, and the food you eat as its fuel. The better quality fuel you put in the better mileage your car will give you, and the longer it will keep running efficiently.

You have to opt for cleaner and healthier food if you want to boost your metabolism, build muscle, and lose fat. Consume the greatest proportion of protein and go easy on the carbohydrates and fats. Many nutritionists and dieticians recommend small but frequent meals to enhance your metabolism. Testo Max

Consume Protein:

It is a known fact that protein consumption helps you grow muscle.A great diet with a good workout routine will help you put on muscle, and increase your metabolism. So the more muscle you have the higher BMR you have, and the higher calories you consume because muscles consume greater energy than fat.

Furthermore, proteins have thermic effects which mean your body burns more calories to just break down proteins. However, you must know that only incorporating protein-rich meals into your diet won’t get you a great body, you also need to work out.


If you’re really serious about getting the most efficient results for the persistent hard work and want to unleash your gains, you must really consider buying supplements. Supplements help you keep your nutrients, minerals, vitamin levels to the optimum height which really changes the way your body processes foods, stores energy and functions as a whole.

Supplements also help you get the best ingredients of food and you can consume the proper dosage daily if you choose the right supplement. Use safe and legal supplements like CrazyBulk, a well-known brand that professional athletes use. And you can choose these results-oriented steroids whether you are in the cutting phase or bulking phase.

It offers various stacks that you can use to meet your exact needs. CrazyBulk enables you to put on massive muscle in a short period of time, exactly what professionals need before a serious competition. You should also make use of them if you want to lift and train like Arnold and the other professionals. You should also use them even if you’re not looking to train professionally, but looking for instant muscle gains.

Crazy Bulk Supplements

It works by increasing the production of your red blood cells along with the nitrogen retention. CrazyBulk is referred to as “the action hero of all the legal steroids” because you can opt for the ultimate stack and forget about complementing it with other steroids. It packs all the benefits of different supplements into one!

Testogen is a supplement too that helps shoot up your testosterone levels. This provides us with high levels of energy and strength and an increase in focus and concentration. This would provide you with an extra edge against everyone else and you can make your workouts more intense.

This is made of natural ingredients so there are no side effects which means that Testogen is completely safe to use. This also revs up the metabolism rate which means you can burn off more calories throughout the day. This is why Testogen is one of the best on the market currently.

This is made of natural ingredients so there are no side effects which means that Testogen is completely safe to use. This also revs up the metabolism rate which means you can burn off more calories throughout the day. This is why Testogen is one of the best on the market currently.


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