Important Consumer Alert on VigRX Plus False Claims

There is an ever growing number of consumer complaints, scam reports and FDA warnings about many of the male enhancement supplements sold online, and the primary reason for that is mislabeling advertising and unproven health claims.

VigRX Plus is one of the most popular brands of male enhancement supplements, which is marketed by many sellers under false claims of penis enlargement to lure guileless consumers.

Now this is a legitimate dietary supplement originally developed as a natural male virility enhancer, and unlike what some mislead consumers might have to say about it, it is far from being a scam. The problem, however, is with some double-dealing online marketers of this product who push it everywhere making all sorts of false claims and promises that are not upheld by the manufacturer.

Why? Simply to get an easy, fast buck from men too insecure about their manhood that they actually believe a pill like VigRX Plus will make their penis grow a couple of inches!

So to tell the truth and vex the devil, the following are some genuine facts you should know about this supplement. Further details can be found in this negative review of VigRX Plus at MHRC.

VigRX Plus Doesn’t Cause Permanent Growth

No supplement will make your penis grow. That is just one huge fraudulent claim made on many review websites that are pure scams. Penis pills, or whatever they may be called, will NEVER make your penis grow naturally — they just don’t do that.

You can find hundreds of supposedly unbiased reviews of VigRX Plus and countless other supplements that promise permanent increase in penis size — some say up to 4 inches! Any sane person would tell you that it is impossible to change your penis size with any kind of medicine, and that is an indisputable fact.

The size of your genitalia is primarily determined by your genetics, with a minor effect of hormones and nutrition while your body is still naturally growing. Once you are well past your growth stage, there is nothing you can swallow or inject into your penis that will make the tissue grow any larger. Vigrx Oil

VigRX Plus May Improve Erect Size

A temporary “enlargement” in erection is possible, but that’s only due to increased blood flow during stimulation. Men with poor circulation may notice improvement in erect size after taking VigRX Plus, but it’s only a temporary effect resulting from increased circulation, i.e. it goes away after the penis goes back to flaccid state.

If you have healthy circulation and already get rock-hard erections, then you probably won’t notice any change after taking the supplement as far as size is concerned.

Avoid Fake Reviews

It’s not a good idea searching review websites for true opinions on VigRX Plus or any other male enhancement product. Because the truth is, most of the reviews you could find online are written by marketers, and thus are fake or biased.

What you should do is look for the supplement facts (list of ingredients), and then do a research about each ingredient using independent, trustworthy sources. That will give you the best idea about the benefits that can be expected.

And after a close analysis of the ingredients in VigRX Plus, there is scientific proof that it may help improve sexual performance in men suffering from low libido or poor erectile function. Other than that, it doesn’t help much. It may be a good formula for some men, but the results are nowhere near as amazing as many websites claim.

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